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Like a lot of good innovative things in our world, our beginnings started small, from a fun family contest in 1977. Dr. Lew Jensen and his family were enjoying a friendly (sorta) Easter Egg decorating contest and “dad” was losing. Some of the kids had learned how to put “Pysanki”, the traditional Ukranian designs, onto the eggshells and Dr. Lew was lagging behind in his skills.

“All of a sudden, it hit me. I might have a secret weapon at my dental office that just might cut out patterns on eggshells. If it would work, I could “one up” the painted on designs and win this contest after all. I grabbed a couple of eggshells and headed for the office.
I will never forget the moment my dental drill first touched that eggshell. My life has never been the same since.” – Dr. Lew Jensen

That was over thirty years ago and even Dr. Lew could not have imagined how that moment would impact so many lives in the future.

As time went on, Dr. Lew continued to carve eggshells, one after another. It was hard to put down, it was so much fun to do. He then went on to design the world’s first straight, inline handpiece. This would make eggshell carving much easier. The straight handpiece is much trickier to design and make work, but much easier to use than the traditional right angle handpiece used by dentists. A straight handpiece would also turn faster than angled handpieces. Many designs were tried and considered before we finally found what worked. There was always the constant problem of creating a dental drill that would not fit into someone’s mouth. Nobody wanted to help design something so odd.

The earliest handpieces had the air intake line enter directly at the turbine. This posed two problems. First, the air line was always in the way of the artist. Second, the bearing were very short lived and all too often they would fail and need to be replaced.

After years of inventing, trying, testing and testing some more, Dr. Lew finally put everything together and came up with a handpiece that would prove it’s reliability and dependability for life. This consisted of a straight handpiece with a lubricated, removeable turbine. The lubrication is done by using an automatic lubricator to send a fine mist of oil to the bearings. The bearings are cooled and lubricated, greatly extending their working life without you ever noticing the oil. The turbine is also fully re-buildable, making it the last one you will ever need to buy.

There is obviously much more to the history and evolution of Paragrave that you will learn along the way, if you decide to join us.

As other systems were added to the ParaGrave line of products, the name was changed from ParaGrave to ParaGraphics. Sandblasting and Airbrushing to be more specific. Then, as the big dotcom boom happened, we realized that we could not get the domain name ParaGraphics. So we decided to change the name once again to better reflect what we were now focused on. Profitable Hobbies seemed to fit well and so it was.

Profitable Hobbies has evolved into a very unique, focused group of individuals. We have employess that have been with the company for a combined total of over 115 years. We know what works when it comes to High Speed Engraving. Our customers have come to rely on our expertise when it comes to engraving and carving, micro-sandblasting and airbrushing.

As a company, our goals have remained constant throughout the years. We are not here to sell you just tools. Those that choose to purchase tools and figure the rest out on their own, tend to invest a lot of money on tools and never accomplish their goals. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality equipment, the right training, and the perfect combination of marketing and coaching to help you become successful.

All of our systems and packaged with equipment as well as training. You get to decide the level of equipment and the right level of training for your individual circumstances. We have many different equipment packages to choose from. Training comes in the forms of our Webcast, DVD’s, our coaching program, and hands on classes.

After you have your equipment and have started on your journey, we have a complete program to take you from a Beginner to a Master in seven steps. This is the path that our many Masters before you have perfected and proven over and over again.

We were the very first to jump into this exciting world of Handmade Artisans over thirty years ago. We are also the only company to have a Masters program that has proven to produce success over a period of many years. We have the experience, support and expertise to help you succeed. No other company can make that claim and back it up.

Thank You for the opportunity to earn your business.

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