Filter – Regulator – Lubricator Set Up

Filter – Regulator – Lubricator Set Up and Why You Should Use One

A filter – regulator – lubricator unit (abbreviated FRL) is an important part of your high speed engraving system. It performs three important functions:

1. Filter the air before it is delivered downstream to your handpiece.

2. Regulate the air pressure before it gets to your handpiece.

3. Lubricate the air traveling to your handpiece (unless you are using an oil free handpiece).

The video below will show you how to properly set up and adjust your FRL for worry-free operation.

Please note – if you are using an oil free handpiece, everything is the same as far as the filter – regulator is concerned. The air still needs to be filtered and regulated before it reaches your handpiece. However, you either need to order the FRL without the lubricator, or take it off, or just leave it empty (do not fill with oil). It will not hurt to leave the lubricator connected to the filter/regulator, just don’t fill it with oil. However, some choose to order the filter/regulator unit without the lubricator at all – this is fine too.

If you switch between an oil free handpiece and an oil type, make sure you change the clear tubing going to the handpiece before switching back to your oil free handpiece.

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2 Responses to Filter – Regulator – Lubricator Set Up

  1. Robin F. June 18, 2010 at 9:24 am #

    I use an NSK handpiece (oil free), with a filter/regulator and recently noticed moisture build up in the clear air tubing leading up to my handpiece. the bowl on the regulator had a small amount of moisture accumilation, but not enough to cause over-flow into the tubing and hand piece. why is moisture getting thru the filter??

  2. admin June 18, 2010 at 9:33 am #


    Please see this page for your answer. The video on the page covers your question at about the 3 minute mark.

    Basically, moisture is getting through your filter/regulator because it is in the form of vapor, then it turns back into liquid as the air cools.
    A filter/reg will eliminate most moisture, but not all because of vapor.
    A desiccant filter is the best way to prevent moisture from reaching your handpiece.
    If you don’t want to get a desiccant filter, please make sure you do your best to keep your air hose cool and always keep the regulator bowl drained.