On/Off Air Switch for Tank Compressors

On/Off Air Switch – Two Way Valve

(Recommended for Tank Type Compressors)

Two Way Valve Air SwitchThe on/off air switch is useful for turning your air pressure on or off, without having to adjust your regulator pressure or turning your compressor on or off.

This Two Way Valve installs in between your regulator (or lubricator) and your high speed engraving handpiece (or any other pneumatic tool you might be using). In the off position, the valve stops the air from reaching your handpiece. When turned on, it allows the air to pass through to your handpiece.

The video below will show you how to install the two way valve air switch.

We recommend mounting the air switch to your regulator stand or your work bench. To do this, you will need to drill a 1/2″ hole. Mounting screws and washers are provided with the air valve.

Be careful when using this air switch on a continuous running compressor. If the compressor is running while you turn the switch off, air will build up in the hose between the switch and the compressor. When you go to turn your compressor back on, the motor might just hummmmmm – because of the air that is stuck in the hose – not allowing the pump to start. If this happens to you, you will need to let the air out of the hose by opening up the switch or using a bleeder valve such as the one built into Profitable Hobbies Portable Air Compressor.

This is why we recommend using this two way valve air switch with a tank compressor.

Order your Two Way Valve Air Switch Here.

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