The Nature of “The Sandblasting” Beast

Sandblasting Can be Very Profitable and a Pain in the Rear End  – ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

When things go right:

  • You can produce multiples of the same item, over and over, in very little time. Beautiful glass items including wedding items, wine glasses, beer mugs, glass Christmas ornaments, crystal awards and much more.
  • You can make a lot of money with sandblasting creating custom gifts, corporate gifts – almost anything you can imagine can be customized with sandblasting.
  • You can blast items that a laser engraving machine simply cannot do.
  • You can “have a blast” making very good money producing beautiful personalized items with ZERO artistic ability.

Wine Bottle Sandblasting blast-book-2-500pix Sandblasted rock by Russ Larsen

But, When things go wrong:

  • It can be very frustrating
  • It can be messy
  • It can get expensive when items get ruined.
  • You get the point, as I stated earlier – It can be a huge pain in the rear end.

Pain in the Rear End

It’s very simple…

Sand travels through the system, cutting everything in it’s path. It is your job to direct the sand to the places you want to blast, yet prevent the sand from reaching the area that you don’t want blasted. “Duh.”

I know, it’s simple. This is all you have to do. (If you are familiar with The ParaBlaster System and how we create the designs, it is very easy to do) – See the demo video here.

Here’s the problem…..

Sand not only cuts when it exits the sandblasting system, but it also cuts everything it travels through as it goes through the system.

This means parts wear out and there are some steps we need to take to keep our sandblasting systems operating LIKE NEW.

Fittings, Hoses, Nozzles and more are being “eaten” away every time you turn the sandblaster on. (sorry.)

Even external parts subject to dust are being corroded and will not function correctly if left unattended. (sorry again.)

These are the facts, I am just the one that gets to break the news to you. It’s no different from your car – maintenance is required to keep it running properly. Just ask Jiffy Lube.

Yes, these improvements can be retro-fitted to your existing ParaBlaster System.

Pinch Cylinder Assembly

See Details Here

Pinch Cylinder Assembly

Desiccant Filter Add On for

The ParaBlaster

See Details Here

Desiccant Filter Assembly for ParaBlaster Add On

ParaBlaster Repair Kit

See Details Here

Repair Kit for The ParaBlaster


The items above can be easily added to your existing ParaBlaster System.

If your are getting moisture into your sand, causing “lumps” or clogging – the desiccant filter will prevent this.

If you are having trouble with your sand shutting on/off instantly – the Pinch Cylinder Assembly will help with this.

If the fitting at the bottom of the pressure pot, braided tubing, handpiece front or gold nozzle is worn on your system, the repair kit will solve your problem.

However, If your ParaBlaster isn’t working like new – it might be time for a complete inspection.

Complete ParaBlaster Service is only $99 plus shipping.

We will completely go through your entire ParaBlaster Pressure Pot System. All interior fittings, hoses and connections will be inspected for wear and replaced if necessary.

We will then advise you if any additional repairs are needed and provide you with a quote.

We will also replace or add any additional parts or accessories at no additional charge.

Bottom Line – Your ParaBlaster System will come back to you in “better than new” condition.

You will be back to producing professional results in less time – making money with sandblasting!

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