When Sandblasting Isn’t a Blast

When Sandblasting Isn’t a Blast

Sandblasting can be very fun, satisfying and profitable….when it works right.

But when it’s not working right, sandblasting can be very frustrating.

The video below addresses some of the common problems associated with Micro Sandblasting and The ParaBlaster.

Summary of Video –

Biggest Problem in Sandblasting is moisture. This is always the first place to look. and the first problem to correct.

What to do when the sand will not stop. Look at your air pressure, clean out the pinch block and adjust the pinch cylinder.

If you have moisture in your filter/regulator, you might want to look at our Desiccant Filter.

We have also put together a Blaster Repair Kit to keep your Sandblaster in working order.

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