Collet Replacement Process – NSK Presto

How to Replace the Collet in your NSK Presto – High Speed Engraving Handpiece

NSK Presto Oil Less Collet - ChuckThe Chuck or Collet is the part of your turbine that “holds” onto the bits – keeping them snug in your handpiece while you carve or engrave. .The collet is a wearable part of all high speed handpieces that simply wears out with use.

If the burs keep coming out of your high speed handpiece while you are engraving, it is most likely time to replace your chuck (collet). But wait, just because your collet holds the burs, this does not mean that it is in good shape. A worn collet will cause a bit to “wobble” – which will put unnecessary strain on your bearings, causing your turbine to wear out prematurely.

Regular collet replacement is a good idea to keep your handpiece in top running order.

The process of changing the collet varies by handpiece model, but the NSK Presto can be the trickiest of them all.

The video below will walk you through the process of replacing your Collet in your NSK Presto Handpiece.

Click the Play Button on the Video Below to See the Chuck Changing Process of the NSK Presto Engraver.

You can get a New Collet for your NSK Presto Turbine Here.

Click on the image below to view the written instructions for changing the NSK Presto Collet.

How to change the collet in the NSK Presto Handpiece

Download the PDF for Printing Here.

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  1. Lance Larson April 14, 2010 at 6:10 am #

    Great information – Thank you for doing this for your customers.

    Lance Larson
    L Larson Studio
    Casa Grande, AZ


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