Turbine Replacement Process – NSK Presto

How to Replace the Turbine Cartridge in the NSK Presto High Speed Handpiece

How to Replace the Turbine Cartridge in the NSK PrestoThe NSK Presto High Speed Engraving Tool comes with a 90 day limited warranty on the handpiece and the turbine cartridge. With proper use, it will last much longer that that and provide years of vibration free, (and very quiet), operation.

However, due to the nature of bearings and the high speed that the NSK Presto operates at, the time may come when you will need to replace the turbine cartridge in your NSK Presto.

Don’t worry, the process is simple – but there are a few key points that you need to be aware of.

The Video below will show you the process of changing the turbine cartridge.

There is also a link to download the PDF version of the written instructions for printing.

Please Note – We do not offer a rebuild on the NSK Presto Handpiece. When the turbine wears out, you will need to replace the turbine. However, the collet may still be good in the worn turbine, therefore, you will want to remove the collet from the worn turbine and keep it for a back up in case your collet wears out in the future.

To see how to Remove or Replace the Collet – See our Tutorial on the NSK Collet.

View the Written Instructions by Clicking the Image Below to Enlarge.

How to Replace the Turbine Cartridge in the NSK Presto

Download the PDF Version for Printing Here.



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