Shofu Lab Air Z Collet Replacement Process

How to Replace the Collet in the Shofu Lab Air Z (Oil Free) High Speed Handpiece

The collet or chuck is the part inside the shaft of the turbine that holds onto the bur itself.  It is made to take the abuse of the bit sliding in and out. However, due to the bur sliding in and out of the collet, each time you switch burs, the collet will eventually wear out.  If there wasn’t a collet inside the shaft, eventually the shaft would wear out and your turbine would be ruined. Therefore, the collet is your friend because it saves your turbine shaft from wearing out (and a collet is a lot less money to replace compared to the turbine shaft.)

The video below will show you how to replace the collet (chuck) in your Shofu Lab Air Z Handpiece.

Watch the Video below to see the collet replacement process.

You can purchase a Replacement Chuck (Collet) for the Shofu Lab Air Z Oil Free Handpiece Here.

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