Turbine Cleaning – Maintenance

How to Clean your High Speed Turbine using Oil Flushing Technique

Flushing your high speed engraving turbine with oil is a good way to clean it out without removing the turbine from the handpiece. Proper maintenance of your high speed engraving turbine (yes – cleaning) will keep it in top shape for many years of productivity.

The procedure outlined below is for oil type handpieces only; do not use this technique on oil free turbines or handpieces.

This procedure is recommended periodically for routine maintenance or especially if you notice your turbine “spitting” out black oil.

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One Response to Turbine Cleaning – Maintenance

  1. Jim Stout March 16, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    Appreciate the Demo on cleaning the high speed Turbine.
    Good job ……
    Jim Stout