Changing the Collet in the Turbo 300 Turbine

How to Change the Collet (or Chuck) in the Turbo 300 High Speed Handpiece

Turbo 300 Collet - or Chuck

It most likely will not happen for many years, but eventually the collet (also called the CHUCK)  in the Turbo 300 handpiece will wear out.  You’ll know when it’s time to replace it because the burs will slide into the collet very easily and may even work out of the collet while you are engraving.

Fortunately, the Turbo 300 Collet is replaceable saving you money by allowing you to install a new collet rather than replace the entire turbine.

It is very important to replace the collet before it becomes worn enough to allow a bur to exit during operation. If your burs are sliding out during engraving, or going in with very little pressure required, it is time to replace the collet. You can purchase a Turbo 300 Replacement Collet Here.

The video below will show you how to replace the Turbo 300 Collet yourself, without having to send it in for repair.

It’s a simple process if it is handled correctly, here are the steps:

  • Remove the Turbine from the Handpiece
  • Remove the Collet from the Turbine using the Collet Tool, turning counter clockwise.
  • Insert the new collet into the turbine
  • Press the front of the collet against a hard surface to seat the collet. You must hear a “CLICK”. It might even be necessary to put the turbine back into the handpiece so you can press hard enough to seat the collet in the turbine (this is shown in the video below)
  • After you hear the “CLICK”, finish tightening the new collet into the turbine using the collet tool, turning clockwise. Make sure it is tight before operating the handpiece.
  • Not all collets are the same. There was a period of time when the Turbo 300 handpiece came with a different thread style. Notice the one in the picture, how it has about 5 threads. This is the only style offered for replacement. If your collet has only 2 or 3 threads, you will need a center shaft change in order to replace the collet. You will need to send the turbine in for this procedure.
  • If you cannot get the new collet to go in, please send it to PHC and we are happy to install it for you.

Additional Tips:

  • It is a good idea to run a pipe cleaner through the center shaft after removing the old collet. This cleans the threads.
  • It is a good idea to remove the collet and clean periodically.
  • If your collet will not loosen, you might have to actually tighten it (clockwise), then try to loosen it (counter-clockwise). Sometimes tightening it a little more will actually free the collet and allow it to loosen and be removed from the handpiece.

Here is the link to purchase a Replacement Turbo 300 Chuck (or Collet).

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