Keeping Your Project Clean

Keeping Your Project (and work area) Clean

Profitable Hobbies has developed a handy air blower assembly for keeping your projects and work area clean while you carve and engrave.

This is a handy blower assembly that connects directly to your Filter/Regulator to provide air right where you need it.

The video below will show you how to install the blow by assembly on your regulator and how it works once you connect it.

It connects directly to the back of your filter/regulator (where the black plug is now) and allows you to keep your project or work area clean – without having to disconnect your air hose.

Those without a blow by assembly have to disconnect their air hose, hook up an air sprayer, then spray off their work area or project with high pressure. But those with a blow by assembly just grab the nozzle, bend it, and clean their project with low air pressure (the same psi that your regulator is set at), without having to disconnect the air hose.

This is one of those items that people usually look at and wonder what it is. But as soon as they try it, usually at a training class or Hone’s Studio, they immediately see the benefits and want one.

You can find the Blow By Assembly in Profitable Hobbies Online Store – Click Here.

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