Darwin Dower – Western Wood Sculptor

Darwin Dower – World’s Foremost Western Wood Sculptor

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If you’ve been around our circle at all, you’ve probably heard the name Darwin Dower by now.

Darwin is truly an inspiration to anyone that appreciates fine art, wood carving, painting and more.

Darwin sculpts incredibly detailed wood sculptures to exact scale – and they look so real that you won’t believe it unless you see it.

In fact, a couple of years ago, I sat back at a show in Salt Lake City and watch the show attendees as they passed by one of Darwin’s Miniature Saddle Sculptures.  As they passed by, they would say things like, “Honey, look at that little saddle – it looks real – so cute.”

What they didn’t realize is that the entire saddle was carved from wood – yes, what appeared like leather was actually wood – the straps were wood,  even the hardware – you guessed it – ALL WOOD.

I told Darwin that one of his biggest problems was that he makes his wood sculptures appear so realistic, that people don’t even understand that they are carved from wood. The people walking by them at the show just thought they were cute little saddles for children.

Fortunately for Darwin, the people that do take the time to stop and see what his sculptures really represent, can’t hardly believe what they see.  Darwin’s wood sculptures  are that realistic.

If you haven’t seen Darwin’s Wood Sculptures, the video below will show you some of them. However, I purposely left out some of his latest projects. In order to see them, you will need to go to Darwin’s Blog.

Once at Darwin’s Blog – you will want to make sure you Subscribe by E-Mail to by notified when he posts a new post. He has been posting some great photography and sculpturing tips and techniques lately.

The video below will show you some of Darwin’s Wood Sculptures.

Thanks to Darwin for being a member of the I&E Network.his willingness to share his talents and help other members of The I&E Network.

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