Froehlich Studio – Custom Hand Engraving

Froehlich Studio – Featuring Egg Art, Glass Designs, Gourd Carving, Wood Carving and more.

Custom Hand Engraving and Art Design by Froehlich Studio – Bill and Sharon Froehlich.

Bringing back the lost art of hand engraving, we produce an exclusive and dynamic range of limited, one-of-a kind and commissioned pieces of art. We pride ourselves on providing uncompromising detail and generational value.

We create from our hearts to instill a touch of originality, warmth and variety in each piece.

The video below shows The Froehlich’s and some of their Artwork, Carvings and Engravings.

Visit Froehlich Studio to learn more about Bill and Sharon Froehlich and their artwork.

Special thanks to Bill and Sharon Froehlich for the inspiration they have been to our entire network of artists and for all the help they have provided to Profitable Hobbies over the years.

They are truly an inspiration to us all and appreciated members of our network. (Not to mention, some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.)

If you would like to be a Featured Artist by Profitable Hobbies, please e-mail us at with Featured Artist Request in the subject line. We will then provide you with instructions on what we need from you.

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