Loni Larsen – Custom Engravings and Carvings

Loni Larsen – Custom Hand Engraving and Carving Artist

Wolf Carved into Moose AntlerLoni has her hands in all kinds of custom engraving and carving projects. By looking at the variety of work she does, it appears that she is willing to try engraving almost anything. She sure has some fun ideas (and some happy customers).

Some of Loni’s recent projects include gun stocks, fireplace mantels, gourds, eggs, glass designs, custom lamps, knives, antlers and more.

From Loni Larsen:

Loni was raised in the deserts of Southern Utah, on a lonely ranch 45 miles from the nearest tiny town. Many days, her family was completely isolated from any contact due to wild impassible washes. Her only neighbors were a Navajo Indian family who lived more than 5 miles away. With no neighbors, electricity, telephone, central heat, or air conditioning, she did a lot of reading and learned to appreciate the beauty found in nature. Loni has done art in many of its forms, but truly found her passion in carving.

Each piece is a hand made custom original, no two are exactly alike. When you indicate your idea for an item, it will have the final appearance created just for you.

You can see more of Loni’s Carvings and Engravings at Loni Larsen

The video below will show you some of Loni’s Carving and Engraving Projects.

Play the Video above to see the Carvings and Engravings of Loni Larsen.

Thanks to Loni for sharing her talents with our Network of Artists.

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One Response to Loni Larsen – Custom Engravings and Carvings

  1. Carole Edwards June 7, 2010 at 5:51 pm #


    I am so impressed with all the variety of work that you do and do it all so well. That’s an accomplishment. I love your eggs, your wood carvings, your moose antler, the rock with the elk carved on it, the gourds. It’s all really nice! You can really give yourself an “atta girl” for a job well done! You deserve it.