Poleschuk Studios – Artist/Sculptor

Poleschuk Studios – Nick Poleschuk – Artist, Sculptor, Custom Engraver

Featured Artist – Nick Poleschuk – Custom Eggshell Art, Wooden Ornaments, Custom Jewelry and more.

Emu Egg Carving with Panda Bear

From the desk of Nick Poleschuk;

“I do low relief sculpting on ostrich, emu and rhea eggshells along with nature and geometric shapes carved into goose and chicken eggshells. Emu eggshell sculpting, in particular, thrills me. The dark green, almost black outer layer, the turquoise middle layer and white inner layer provide a color palette unavailable with other shells.”

The video below shows some of Nick’s Unique Carvings and Custom Engravings.

Nick is a valuable member of The I&E Network – always willing to share and help others in the network.

Play the video below to see Nick Poleschuk’s unique wood ornaments, egg art and custom sculpture pieces.

Thanks to Nick for your participation and willingness to share with our network of artists.

See more of Poleschuk Studios Sculpting at Poleschuk

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One Response to Poleschuk Studios – Artist/Sculptor

  1. Carol McKenzie March 23, 2010 at 12:20 pm #

    Terrific work. Very inspirational. Can’t wait to get back in the studio and try some more carving. Nick is so talented and generous. Nice to see his site.