Steve Bartholomew – Custom Carving and Engraving

Steve Bartholomew – Custom Carving and Engraving

From Steve’s Web Site:

Steve’s roots run deep when it comes to wildlife and the great outdoors. His love and admiration for all types of wildlife developed at a very early age. It wasn’t often enough that he was able to sneak away from the hard work demanded by farm life, but when the chance did arise, Steve found himself in the nearby forest. He would study the animals, often seeing just how close he could get to them.”

Steve carves some very creative items in wood including custom light switch covers, temple plaques, gun stocks, taxidermy stands and more.

The video below will show you some of Steve’s projects.

Steve’s wood carving has come a long ways since we first met him a few years ago. It’s gets better each time we see a new project from Steve.

Keep up the good work Steve.

Visit Steve’s Web Site Here.

Steve also has a blog where you can keep up to date on all his latest projects.

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2 Responses to Steve Bartholomew – Custom Carving and Engraving

  1. Dan Healy March 26, 2010 at 10:07 am #

    The work you show on short video is beautiful. However, the link to your website doesn’t work. Can you fix it or add the address to your post?
    Dan Healy

  2. admin March 26, 2010 at 10:26 am #

    Steve, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    The link is fixed now –

    Refresh the page and it should work now.