Tamera Seevers – Amazing Egg Sculptures

Tamera Seevers – Amazing Egg Sculptures

Tamera Seevers - Egg Sculpture ArtistTamera Seevers creates simply amazing egg sculptures.

Her most recognized art pieces are her carvings on ostrich egg shell and reverse intaglio in gemstones.

Her accomplishments include television appearances, works published in 5280, San Francisco Arts Monthly and Alaska Airline Magazine. She has received Best of Show in the well respected Downtown Denver Art Festival. Tamera receives a number of invitations each year for demonstrations and exhibits. She is recognized by the American Craft Council as one of the 250 leading American artist.

Tamera is also a valuable member of The Inspiration and Encouragement Network. She is always willing to share her talents and techniques with others.

Tamera has participated and displayed her artwork in  2 webinars for The I&E where she has inspired many others to try something new or strive to  perfect their artwork beyond what they ever thought possible.

Tamera is truly an inspiration to us all.

Ostrich Egg Sculpture Image Ostrich Egg Sculpture Image Egg Art by Tamera Seevers

When I started to create the Featured Artist Video (below) – I thought I would show about 15 or 20 photos of Tamera’s Eggs, but as I started to load them, they just kept getting better and better. “I’d better put this one in.” “O.k., this is the last one, but wait…..I have to show this one.” – and so on.

I ended up with 40 something photos of her work in the video below.

Play the Video below to see what I mean…. brace yourself….

Play the Video below to see more of Tamera’s Amazing Egg Sculptures.

You now have the opportunity to learn even more from Tamera Seevers.

Ostrich Egg Carving KitAnnouncing our all new Ostrich Egg Carving Kit – featuring the techniques of Tamera Seevers in her new Ostrich Egg Carving DVD!

Tamera take us, step by step, through the process she uses to carve a daffodil pattern onto an Ostrich Eggshell.

See the Complete Kit Here.

At the end of the DVD tutorial, Tamera then cuts out the piece of the Ostrich Egg, showing us how you can use pieces of eggshells for jewelry and other unique items.

The kit includes everything you need to carve the daffodil pattern onto an ostrich egg including the DVD, a Stencil Pattern, all of the burs used in the dvd, and an Ostrich egg.

Click to Order Now

Here is a SNEAK PEAK AT THE DVD (the one in the Kit):

Order your Ostrich Egg Carving Kit today.

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You can more of Tamera Seever’s Egg Sculptures (and other artwork) at Tamera Seevers

Don’t Forget to let Tamera know what you think of his work. Your comments are welcome below.

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4 Responses to Tamera Seevers – Amazing Egg Sculptures

  1. Richard April 30, 2010 at 11:08 am #

    I’m so proud of Tamera…she is truly one of the more gifted and creative artists of our time.

  2. Herb May 1, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    Tamera:Is there a secret to getting the Ostrich eggs to be less brittle when carving narrow areas. The Ostrich eggs I have seem to be brittle when doing that kind of carving. The tool I use is a Paragraphics high speed tool that used 1/16 th dia bits. Any suggestions for me? Thanks. Herb.

  3. Tamera Seevers July 13, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    Hi Herb,

    Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. My father was sick and passed away. Just now getting the ground back under my feet. – I do nothing to the egg except carve on it. I soak it in bleach so that it will kill the bacteria. That’s it! I was even given some ostrich eggs from a friend who used to own an Ostrich farm 20 years ago. So they are old old eggs. I use the Paragraphics high speed tool also. I also have their oil-less high speed drill ( the Presto unit).


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