Thanksgiving Art Patterns

Thanksgiving Turkey Art ImageAdd a special touch to your Thanksgiving Table decorations this year by engraving or sandblasting table decoration, cake servers, dishes, plates or other items. Use your imagination, there must be thousands of items you could customize or personalize to make this holiday extra special.

Below are a few free images for your Thanksgiving projects.

Maybe you’ll decide to not even use these patterns, and give the kids something with their name on it – something to take home and bring back next year?

Maybe while someone is scraping the bottom of the casserole dish, they will see a custom engraved thanksgiving turkey on the bottom of the pan?  Just maybe they will keep scraping and piling up their plate to see what it is – saving you the hassle of storing leftovers?   Then again, there’s always the possibility they’ll just turn the pan upside down to see it?

Thanksgiving Dinner Served Image Thanksgiving Engraving Image

Download Pattern #1 Download Pattern #2 Download Pattern #3

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