Micro Sandblasting Demonstration Video

Micro Sandblasting requires no artistic ability, is easy to learn,  and is a great way to earn money by producing beautiful designs in glass, stone, tile, marble, granite and many more surfaces.

Dr. Lew takes you through the entire process of creating a crystal award for the Utah Shakespearean Festival. When the video starts, all Dr. Lew has done, it print out his black and white design onto clear transparency film from his computer or any copy machine. This same process can be completed on any glass, crystal, stone, tile, metal (and many more) item.

See how easy it is……


Why Micro Sandblasting?

  • A Great Way to Make Money
  • Beautiful designs in Crystal and Glass
  • No Artistic Ability Required
  • Easy to learn
  • Professional Results Every Time
  • Sandblast Rocks, Tile and Stone too!
  • Easily transfer any Black and White Image
  • Easy Wash out process
  • No hand cutting of stencil
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