The World’s First Sport Featuring Art

The Western Art Rodeo Association - The Art Sport

Introducing the Art Sport

That’s right, a sport featuring art. We call it The Western Art Rodeo Association.

This will change everything when it comes to Marketing Western Art.

It’s not an art show. Not your typic

al art competition either.

OK, it is an art show with an art competition – with a BIG TWIST.

We’re bringing Excitement, Entertainment, and Education into the Art World.

The Western Art Rodeo Association is The Art Sport – and there’s never been anything like it!

This is the World’s First Art Sport – and you don’t want to miss it. You want to be involved at ground level.

Artists bring their best work. It is shown on stage, in front of a live audience and three judges (American Idol Style). It is then scored right in front of the audience. The audience is free to cheer, boo, applaud and participate. They will even be given score-cards to judge the art themselves! The winners receive prize money and also qualify for the Championship round.

See All The Details Here.

It goes something like this:

The Western Art Rodeo Association provides Western Artists the opportunity to compete for prize money and status recognition in front of live audiences and judges at events known as Art Rodeos. All artwork is judged and scored on the principles of fine art. Any Western Artist is welcomed and encouraged to join and compete, regardless of skill level, age, gender or advertising dollars. The highest quality art rises to the top, without prejudice.

It is the W.A.R.A.’s mission to provide new marketing opportunities for artists and to educate the public on the fundamental principles of fine art in order to establish a new generation of art collectors and art enthusiasts.

Can They Do That?

  • Live Competition
  • Live Judges
  • Live Scoring
  • Audience Participation
  • Judges Critiquing
  • Excitement
  • Education
  • Entertainment

Learn more about this incredible Opportunity for Artists by Visiting The Western Art Rodeo Association Today.

Important Links

Join The W.A.R.A. –   Official Rules –   Upcoming LIVE Event at Sundance –   Frequently Asked Questions


The Western Art Rodeo Association does not discriminate against anyone. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join and compete including sculptors, oil painters, carvers, water color artists, drawing artists, photographers and more.

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