Basic Glass Engraving Tips and Techniques

Glass Engraving TechniquesTamaree held a webinar last night that covered all you ever wanted to know about Basic Glass Engraving Tips and Techniques. She started with the basics such as where to get patterns, where to buy glass, how to layout the design etc.

She then moved on to how to place the stencil pattern on the glass, getting it to lay down correctly.

Using high speed engraving equipment, she then traced the pattern onto the glass using a diamond engraving bur, right through the stencil pattern.Cutting out a Stencil Pattern

Basic Glass Engraving Tips and Techniques – PDF Download.

View various engraving video samples on Profitable Hobbies Youtube Channel.

Watch the entire Basic Glass Engraving Presentation Here.

We are looking forward to presenting more of these HOW TO WEBINARS in the near future.

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