Custom Engraved Easter Eggs

Custom Engraved Easter Eggs

Custom Engraved Easter Eggs make truly unique Easter gifts.

Give that special person in your life an Easter Gift they will never forget. Every time they look at it,  they will think about that special Easter Sunday when you presented it. Make this Easter one that will never be forgotten.

Engraved Eggshells come in a variety of choices such as dove, pigeon, quail, and chicken. But more popular egg art choices for custom engraving are goose, turkey, rhea, emu and ostrich. Any of these eggs make amazing egg art when they are carved or engraved. Every carved eggshell is unique and one of a kind.  This makes a truly unique Easter gift and a wonderful conversation piece any time of the year.

There are many eggshell engraving artists that will do a wonderful job at creating a unique piece of egg art that you will be proud to own.

Here are a few eggshell artists to consider:

There are many other custom eggshell engraving artist that can be found as members of  The I&E Network.

If you prefer to learn how to engrave custom eggshell designs, Profitable Hobbies not only sells the equipment to do so, and the eggshells to engrave on, but they also offer eggshell engraving classes to show you how to carve these magnificent works of art – yourself.

For more information on learning how to engrave and carve egg art, visit Profitable Hobbies.

Here are some examples of Custom Engraved Easter Eggs.

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One Response to Custom Engraved Easter Eggs

  1. Rora March 7, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    They are wonderful pieces of decorated eggs. I am Egg-art maker too. Generally I decorate eggs with straw or wire but I make carving too. But these ones are wonderful!!!