How to Get Exposure for your Artwork

By Now You’ve Heard it a Million Times…..

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

Darwin Dower at an Art ShowWe all know by now how important exposure is for artists.

Now, How do we do something about it?

Take a look at what Darwin, Deb, Lance, Sharon and others are doing…..

What good is your art if you can’t show it to others?

If your goal is to sell your artwork, how are you going to sell if nobody sees it?

Did you see Darwin Dower’s Latest Blog Post titled, Art Shows and How to Make them Successful?

Did you catch Deb Lindsay’s latest Newspaper article titled,  Boneta Artist’s Creativity Spans from Guns to Glass?

You can read the article in it’s entirety at Deb Lindsay Studios.

Gun Stock Carving by Lance LarsonDid you see Lance Larson’s first ever blog post the other day titled, A Custom Gunstock Carving that tells a Story?

Did you see the recent article that Sharon Ross had published about her story and the Unique Pieces of Personal Expression?

If you spend any time reading the resources above, you’ve probably have some ideas of how to get exposure for your artwork.

We have to use every option available to us to gain maximum exposure. This includes handing out business cards, attending trade shows and events, attending art shows, submitting articles to magazines and newspapers – and more.


Sharon Ross - In the NewsHow did you learn about Darwin’s Blog Post?

How was Lance able to provide such valuable tips on gun stock carving?

What allowed you to read Deb Lindsay’s newspaper article?

How was I able to share Sharon Ross’ story with you?

The Internet, of course.

There is no other tool – ever – that has allowed us to reach so far and share so much information so quickly – as we can with the internet.

Profitable Hobbies is paying attention, so is Darwin, Lance, Sharon, Deb and others. Are you?

It’s time to pay attention.

It’s time for you to get your own web site so you can begin to reach further, market better, share information and GAIN EXPOSURE FOR YOUR ARTWORK.

It has to be true....I read it on the internet.You can now jump aboard the internet train with your own web site – right through Profitable Hobbies.

Profitable Hobbies now offers web sites (done the right way) through our online store.

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I don’t want to go into all the details here – but you have to see the advantages of a web site, Profitable Hobbies style.

Hint – You can add anything you want to your site – just like Darwin, Lance, Deb, and many others.

See all the details here.

Taking Aim Marketing - Web Sites for ArtistsWant to learn more about why we build web sites the way we do?

Watch this Webinar Recording to learn more.

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One Response to How to Get Exposure for your Artwork

  1. Deb Lindsay June 16, 2010 at 6:37 pm #

    Thank you very much for your post. As always they are very interesting and informative. I always know I can find the answer to my questions about my web site or blog. I know there will always be a video that shows me how to do what I need. Thank you very much for taking the time you do to help us.
    Happy Carving!!!
    Deb Lindsay