Hand Engraving

The letter below on Hand Engraving was sent in by Marie Gibbon. She prints this out and hands it out at marketing events.  This way, her customers see that she also offers many other personalized, hand engraved products in addition to their purchase. This is a good idea to get return customers from a trade show, craft fair, county fair or any other event. Keep up the good work Marie.

Hand Engraving provides you with the ability to personalize Wine & most Liquor and Fragrance Bottles, Crystal, Glass & Metal in a unique and beautiful script. Hand Engraving transforms that ordinary piece – be it a champagne flute, wine glass or beer stein, candle holder, cake plate/ knife, flower vase or picture frame into something quite extraordinary for any occasion. By adding hand engraving to your gifts and mementos, you will long be remembered for the uniqueness of your purchase….and the extra thought and time you put into your gift. It is my wish that that a personal touch will enhance your special occasion. I can also engrave to decorate mirrors & other items in YOUR home.

My hand engraving is done freehand on all items. Using a specially configured, ultra-high-speed drill (300,000rpm) and carbide or diamond burs, I am able to custom engrave Calligraphy & designs on most surfaces without the use of templates or other aides. Note that hand engraving is cut deeper and bolder than most other engraving methods. You may find that somewhere, usually quite small, I have signed your piece. It gives me the greatest pleasure to make your purchase…your gift….to be viewed as one-of-a-kind! Use your imagination…add YOUR personal touch! I can even engrave it with YOUR signature!

I also do vehicle windows & mirrors, you name it: glass or metal and I can do it. Let’s create something~~

Marie L.Gibbon

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