Ken Brown’s Wine Bottle Calligraphy Webinar

Wine Bottle Hand EngravingKen Brown and Profitable Hobbies teamed up last week to bring our network a free webinar on Hand Engraving Wine Bottles using Calligraphy techniques. Ken presented a slide show of how to perform the engraving strokes necessary to create beautiful lettering on glass,  metal, crystal and other hard surfaces. It’s surprising to find out that all the letters of the english alphabet are formed with just a few simple strokes.

Ken also talked about which bottles to stay away from when engraving – Ken learned the hard way to never engrave on a champagne bottle.

Photography tips and techniques for photographing glass art was also discussed.

In case you missed the presentation, below is a link where you can download the wmv file to play on your computer.Ken Brown Wine Bottle Engraving

Custom Wine Bottle Engraving by Ken BrownThe download takes approximately 3-4 minutes to start playing, using a high speed internet connection.

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