Like a Rock – Sandblasting in Stone

Having a Blast in Stone

Sandblasted Rock by Russ LarsenI was going through some old files of mine the other day and stumbled upon a bunch of pictures of rocks that I sandblasted some time ago.

I added them to our Rock Sandblasting Gallery for you to view. I have also posted the gallery in this post below.

I forgot how enjoyable it was to sandblast designs into rocks, I had a lot of fun creating them for clients. (and you thought all I knew how to do was build web sites!)

(In case you didn’t notice yet – Lance Larson just sent in a bunch of pictures of his gun stock carvings – they are in the gun stock carving gallery. Nellie Whitener has also sent in some eggshell carvings that have been added to our eggshell art gallery.)

If you have any pictures of sandblasted rocks that you would like to show or share, please send them to

All artists will be given credit for their work.

Your comments are welcome.

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One Response to Like a Rock – Sandblasting in Stone

  1. rajiv November 14, 2011 at 7:04 am #

    send me details regarding sand blasting machine for stone