Personalized Wine Bottles Demand High Prices

Engraved Wine Bottles by Ken BrownPersonalized Wine Bottles Demand High Prices

If you are going to engrave glass, why not choose a meduim that makes a great gift and demands high prices?

But….How do you lead the RIGHT customers to your door?

This is always the hard part.

Building a database of customers that want – WHAT YOU DO.

Have you considered this………

Ken Brown approaches custom wine bottle engraving from a different angle than most. He first builds a relationship with the store that sells the wine or a wine bottle event organizer.

Ken and the wine store (or event) work out a deal where Ken sets up “shop” inside the store and engraves the wine bottles for free – on the spot.

In exchange, the store pays Ken for his time, and they sell A LOT more wine than they would on an ordinary day.

Heck, if you are getting a personalized bottle of wine today – or an ordinary bottle of wine tomorrow – and the price is the same….WHY WOULDN’T YOU BUY TODAY?

Now, don’t miss this – Ken is also spreading his name, reputation, and “the word” about what he can do for his customers. They now know where to find him and how to have him personalized almost anything. They don’t have to wait for another public event or for Ken to “set up shop” at another wine store – they can contact him whenever they want.


How many wine stores would love to have Ken help them triple (maybe even quadruple) their sales for the day? (answer – all)

(Hint – this same process works with many other items including jewelry bottles)

Kendal - One of Ken's Recent Students

This is the “kind of stuff” Ken teaches his students – How to Make Money with High Speed Engraving.

Kendal (pictured to the left) is a great example of how Ken can teach younger students a valuable skill – what a great alternative to working fast food!

“Kendal laying out the verse for her plate just after noon the third day of class.  Kendal is 16 and one of the best students Ken has worked with.  Her Mom learned about Ken’s Seminars and felt this would be a marvelous skill her daughter could use.  With a car in her future, and college a couple of years away, Kendal has a great new skill to help pay for those new things in her life.”

Way to go Kendal – Keep up the good work.

View Ken’s Upcoming Seminar Schedules

Professional Seminar

Basic Seminar

Ken did a webinar for The I&E Network last fall where he presented what he does for his customers in the Wine Bottle Personalization Market.

Watch the presentation video below to see more of Ken’s Wine Bottle Engraving (and get some great ideas).

[jwplayer config=”600x420dangdang” mediaid=”1524″]

(Sorry – produced a little small – click full screen button in player to view larger)

You can download the WMV File Here to view larger.

Ken Brown Products are now available from Profitable Hobbies including:

Professional Engraving System

Ken Brown Bur Sampler

Pillow Bag (for holding odd shaped items while engraving)

Ott Lite

NSK Presto Handpiece

ALL NEW – “Match Head” Shaped Burs

By the way, we are in the process of trying to talk Ken into doing another Calligraphy Engraving Webinar – if you would like to help us “BEG” Ken to teach us more,   please leave a comment below.

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3 Responses to Personalized Wine Bottles Demand High Prices

  1. Larry Blalock June 11, 2010 at 1:29 pm #

    The video shown here was inspiring; however I have proven that I cannot hit my #@$ with both hands. Are there any other “tricks of the trade” as to keeping everything straight and lined up properly?

  2. admin June 11, 2010 at 2:22 pm #

    Larry, there is a flexible ruler available that some really like to align letters on curved objects. You might look for one of them.

  3. Ken Brown June 12, 2010 at 5:42 am #

    I’ve had people in my seminars who didn’t even know where their #@$ was and they learned the technique! They now do great engraving of calligraphy.

    It’s all about muscle memory and practice. I am ALWAYS the least-talented person in the room and freely admit it. But I got here by creating a system of common strokes that are used over and over in just the right places. No magic. Just hard work and practice will get you here too!
    Ken Brown