Questions / Answers Session

Russ LarsenProfitable Hobbies is testing a new way of helping our customers get questions answered.

We are going to have a questions / answers session today!

I know, it’s short notice – sorry.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it, if we like it – there will be more.

Bring your questions. Help us test this new system.

All you need to do is call (323) 843-0075 at 2:00 p.m. Mountain Time – TODAY. The call will last 30 minutes.

The access code is 550489.

Long distance charges will apply so make sure you call on your cell phone or using a phone with unlimited long distance.

You can also use Skype if you know how to do that.

Bring your questions about anything regarding and I will do my best to answer them in the 30 minutes we have.

See you (acutally talk to you) at 2:00.

Here are the details again:

Call – (323) 843-0075

Access Code is 550489.

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