Egg Sculptures of the Highest Art Form

Tamera Seevers - Egg Sculpture ArtistEgg Sculptures of the Highest Art Form

I just could not let this one rest just yet…

I have heard from so many different people over the past year, “I want to carve eggs like Tammy Seevers.”

Now is your chance to learn the basics of how Tammy Seevers carves a daffodil pattern onto an Ostrich Egg.

Get all the juicy details by reading our Featured Artist Post on Tammy Seevers – here.

Tamera Seevers creates simply amazing egg sculptures.

Play the Video below to see what I mean…. brace yourself….

Play the Video below for a SNEAK PEAK at Tammy Seever’s New Ostrich Egg Carving DVD.

Ostrich Egg Engraving - Daffodil PatternAnnouncing our all new Ostrich Egg Carving Kit – featuring the techniques of Tamera Seevers in her new Ostrich Egg Carving DVD!

Tamera take us, step by step, through the process she uses to carve a daffodil pattern onto an Ostrich Eggshell.

See the Complete Kit Here.

At the end of the DVD tutorial, Tamera then cuts out the piece of the Ostrich Egg, showing us how you can use pieces of eggshells for jewelry and other unique items.

The kit includes everything you need to carve the daffodil pattern onto an ostrich egg including the DVD, a Stencil Pattern, all of the burs used in the dvd, and an Ostrich egg.

Click to Order Now

You can more of Tamera Seever’s Egg Sculptures (and other artwork) at Tamera Seevers

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One Response to Egg Sculptures of the Highest Art Form

  1. Carol McKenzie May 3, 2010 at 5:59 pm #

    Lovely, delicate and pure. Enjoyed the website and am inspired to get back to work.