The Painless Gift of a Dental Drill

How a dentist changed my life’s path with the painless gift of a dental drill.

Ken Brown Calligraphy EngravingIn 1992, Ken Brown thought his life’s program was right on course. He had no clue it was about to be modified. He had become known worldwide for his beautiful Calligraphy with pen and ink. He had published books. He had his own Public Television series teaching hundreds of thousands. It was his life. Then a Dr. Lew Jensen appeared and everything changed.

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When they met, Dr. Jensen told Ken to get a high-speed drill and it would change his life. He did, and it did. Now, after almost twenty years, Ken Brown is changing lives with a dental drill himself as he shares his unique method of making beautiful letters with a tool no Calligrapher had ever used.

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One Response to The Painless Gift of a Dental Drill

  1. Ann@DentalImplants July 26, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    That’s a very unique story there. Who would have thought that a dentist’s tool could be used in calligraphy? This is just one of those amazing stories of people’s lives crossing paths. It’s amazing.