Forget the Christmas Bonus

Forget the Christmas Bonus - PHC has Year End Bonuses

We’ve Got Bonuses, Bonuses and More Bonuses for the Year End of 2010. (Offers End Jan 4, 2011)

Profitable Hobbies is offering year end bonuses that will make you forget all about your Christmas Bonus (or that you didn’t get one this year – give yourself one!)

Not only are we offering our lowest prices ever on Complete Engraving and Sandblasting Systems, but we are also going to throw in some special bonuses for those that act now.

Drumroll please…………

…. (ok, that’s enough!)

Bonus #1 – (Expires Jan 4, 2011)

Purchase a High Speed Engraving System (Genesis, Masters, or ParaPak) and we will throw in:

Our Best Prices of the Year - Plus Special Bonuses!

  • Free Craig Hone Leaf Carving DVD ($55.00 value)
  • Free Ostrich Egg Carving DVD – Back in Time ($29.95 value)
  • Free Backup Turbine (when you choose the Turbo 300 handpiece) ($219.00 value)

That’s over $300 in added bonuses! In addition to our Lowest Prices of the Year!

ParaPak is normally $3499 – Now On Sale for $3150 (Total Savings of over $650 with bonuses)

Masters is normally $2399 – Now On Sale for $2159 (Total Savings of over $540 with bonuses)

Genesis is normally  $1399 – Now On Sale for $1299 (Total Savings of over $400 with bonuses)

If you’ve been “ON THE FENCE” about getting a Professional, High Speed Engraving System, there has never been a better time!

(Order Online at or by Calling 1 800 624-7415)

Bonus #2

Prefer Sandblasting? (The ParaBlaster is $300 off until Jan. 4, 2011)

Purchase The ParaBlaster – Micro Sandblasting System and we will throw in:

  • A Free High Performance Blasting Nozzle ($57.95 value)
  • A Free One Year Membership to The I&E Network ($120 value)
  • A ParaBlaster Repair Kit ($59.95 value)
  • 10 Extra Sheets of 3 mil Resist Film ($80.00 value)

Sandblasting is Perfect for Completing Multiples of the Same Project in WAY LESS TIME – Watch the Demo Video Here.

You SAVE over $600 with these added BONUSES!Offer Good Until Jan 4 Only!

(Order Online at or by Calling 1 800 624-7415)

Bonus #3 (These Free Patterns will disappear in 30 seconds……….not really, relax!)

Ok, I felt bad for those that already own an Engraving System or The ParaBlaster, so I put some Free Patterns here for you.

Download the Free Patterns Below:

Free Engraving Floral Pattern 1 Free Engraving Floral Flower Pattern 2 Free Engraving Floral Pattern Flowers 3
Download Pattern #1 Download Pattern #2 Download Pattern #3

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