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Engraving and Carving Training Classes by Profitable Hobbies

Profitable Hobbies is proud to offer professional, hands on engraving and carving classes by some of today’s top artists and instructors. Classes include engraving, wood carving, sculpting, clay modeling, gun stock engraving, egg art engraving, gourd carving and more. Due to the “ever changing” nature of classes, it is always best to call us to make sure the schedule has not changed since this page was updated. We do our best to keep our current class schedule on our web site, however, we still recommend that you call just to make sure. You can contact Profitable Hobbies by calling us toll free at 1 800 624-7415 – are associates would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Elk Scrimshaw by Craig HoneCraig Hone Classes

Master Wood Carver and Sculptor, Craig Hone offers a variety of educational classes including:

  • Tinting and Finishing of Relief Carved Wood
  • Art Development Strategies
  • Deep Relief Leaf Cluster
  • Wood Sculpture (Wolf)
  • Bone Engraving (Elk Scene on Buffalo Jawbone)
  • Deep Relief Carving Mantel Panel
  • Gunstock Carving
  • Cast Ivory Inlay
  • and even more!

See All Craig Hone Classes Descriptions and Dates

Artist Retreats – “A Day Just for You!”

It’s simple, we show up at the Studio about 9 a.m. with a project to work on and the tools that our talent requires. We then play for the whole day; carving, engraving, sculpting the day away. We end the day around 4 p.m. Lunch is POT LUCK,  so we eat very well.

I had no idea how strong the reaction would become for all of us who get together regularly.

So strong in fact, I have decided to invite everyone to attend this special “Saturday Get-Away”. Maybe it will do for you what it has been doing for all of us?

See Dates and Details of the Retreats Here.

Joe Cummings - Gun Stock Classes by Joe CummingsJoe Cummings Wood Carving Classes

Joe Cummings is a Master Gun Stock Carver that has taught gun engraving classes for several years now.

In his beginners class, you will learn relief carving techniques, how to engrave the basketweave pattern, how to engrave the fishscale pattern, how to properly finish your carving, and much more.

In Joe’s advanced class, you will bring your own gun and pattern and actual carve a gunstock of your own using the design you select.

See Joe’s Class Schedule Here.

Visit Joe’s Web Site to read testimonial from his students and to see more of Joe’s Gun Stock and Wood Carvings.


Jeff Wolf - World Renowned Sculptor - Learn more at

Jeff Wolf Sculpting Classes

Jeff Wolf is a world renowned sculptor that has teamed up with Profitable Hobbies to bring you the highest level of sculpting instruction available today.

Jeff Wolf is one of the select few whose work is drawn from the heart. Raised in the high desert of Western Utah at the family ranch that was once a pony express station and stage coach stop, Jeff learned firsthand what it’s like to drive cattle in a freezing blizzard, out run flash floods, and choke on dust from the back of a trail herd. After a long professional career as a bull rider Jeff returned to another passion as a buckaroo in the Great Basin of Nevada and Utah. Through his life’s experiences the sculptures he has created are actual memorials to moments captured in time…viewed and experienced through his own eyes.

Visit Jeff’s Web Site to Learn more about Jeff Wolf’s Sculpting.

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