Jeff Wolf Sculpting Classes

Jeff Wolf Sculpting Classes

Training Classes by World Renowned Sculptor – Jeff Wolf

Introductory Sculpture Course – “Sculpting from the inside out”

Anatomy is the first and foremost important aspect of all the artistic learning processes.

This course is designed as an “easy to follow” anatomy study course.

The student will learn to train their eye to recognize shapes and form in their proper place, perspective and proportion.

Each student will complete one or more relief sculptures according to their ability.

Students will complete relief sculptures of their choice.

These courses will also cover armature construction, balance, composition, design, the use of positive and negative space and much more.

This course is a must no matter the preferred artistic medium or skill level, from the professional to someone who has never work with clay before.

Call Jeff for 2012 Class Dates and Details

Call Jeff directly to arrange payment and reserve your place in the class at 1-435-691-0912.

Learn Sculpting from the Inside Out from Jeff Wolf

Tuesday and Thursday Night Classes

“Art Institute of Higher Learning”

Location – Hone Studio – Benjamin, Utah

Time and Date – Tuesday and Thursdays – 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Details – Class is open to all skill levels from beginners to seasoned professionals.


“Anatomy” sculpting from the inside out.




Armature construction

Mold, casting & foundry tips


Class Instructor – Hone Studio has enlisted the tutelage of Nationally & internationally renowned sculptor Jeff Wolf.

Learn more about Jeff Wolf at his Website –

Nightly tuition fee – $35.00

Materials Needed – 1- 8”X10”x 5/8”board

1- 6”x¼” nipple 1- ¼” floor flange

For more information, please call –

Hone Studio 801-794-2800

Jeff Wolf 435-691-0912

Also Available – Jeff Wolf Equine Skull Modeling Kit

Jeff Wolf Equine Skull Modeling Kit

Kit Includes:

Jeff Wolf Equine Modeling Training DVD – Step by Step Instruction

Equine Skull Study Cast – an actual 3 dimensional study cast of an equine skull (Approx. 6″ W x 5″ H x 2 1/2″ D)

Wooden Base with flange attached

All Fittings to build your structure/support

16 inches of 10 gauge aluminum armature wire

5 lbs. of Professional Modeling Clay (the kind that Jeff himself uses and recommends)

Purchase Jeff’s Equine Skull Sculpting Kit Here.

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