Craig’s Christmas Workshop

Craig’s Christmas Works

 Oak leaf and acorn stock carving with scroll engraving on metal receiver of a Browning .22 rifle

November 12th – 17th 2012


 The main emphasis of this class, is to develop the ability to carve that beautiful “leafiness” with confidence and mastery.

 A fully carved .22 caliber rifle makes an awesome Christmas gift!  For me, completing and then giving my two boys their own rifle as a legacy piece, then hearing them say, “my Dad carved this” is one of my choicest experiences.

 The reason I want to do this seminar is because I believe there is room for improvement in the way we carve leaves.  I think as carvers, we can, and should focus on and express not only more drama and grace in the leaves, but also add more correctness and feeling in both the oak leaves and the acorns.  We will also develop our skills in metal engraving as we carve a gorgeous scroll design on the steel receiver. 

 This seminar is really about infusing more thoughtful feeling and quality into our work.  This is a process of refining and perfecting our understanding and workmanship.  When you have finished this gun, with it’s carved wood grips of graceful, true and flowing oak leaves and acorns, paired with a dazzling engraved metal receiver, you will have an extremely unique piece which has a whole, unified and magical feel to it.

 This gun has received a lot of attention as I know yours will as well.  This can be used to show in your engraving business, or passed on as a legacy piece.

 Things you will need for this class:

                  -Browning BL .22 caliber lever action rifle- FLD grade 2 (nickel plated receiver with line engraving cost around $600-$750)

                  **For assistance in locating this rifle, call Craig or Tammy**

                -Ultra high speed hand piece

                -Burr set ( preferably Profitable Hobbies set of 24 diamond and carbide burs)

                -6 Green flame abrasive stone burs (661)

                -1 Diamond sharpening stone (course)

                -Optivisor #5 and #7

                -2 #368 Large Football Diamond

                -2 #368 Small Football Diamond

                -2 #4 Round Diamond

                -2 #6 Round Diamond

                -2 #8 Round Diamond

                -12 #1 Carbide (round)

 *Daily Class Price $350  (the 6th day is free for anyone who signs up for all 6 days) $1750 total week

  Call Craig or Tamaree for registration, questions and any additional information. 

 October  22-26th

This will be a workshop for gun carving , or for you to work on any project you need help with.

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