Wood Plate Carving Video Tutorial – Part 4

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One Response to Wood Plate Carving Video Tutorial – Part 4

  1. Peter October 29, 2010 at 3:31 pm #

    Dear sir, I have just finished watching your videos on Kenny Rodger’s plate. I must say that they are truly remarkable and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them and learning a potential new hobby at the same time. I can honestly state that I couldn’t take my eyes from what I was seeing. Amazing!!
    Just one question if I may, you mentioned in your videos about stencils. I presume that you make your own clear stencils. I have never come accross this process before, do you have a video which explains this method of stencil manufacture? Any information / guidance you can offer would be very gratefully recieved. Thank you in advance for you help, and thank you for posting these videos. I will be looking forward to seeing some more soon.
    Kind regards, Peter.