Wooden Plate Engraving Project – Video Part 2

Wooden Plate High Speed Engraving / Wood Carving – Video – Part 2

Wood Plate Carving - Part 2 Video ImageIn Part 2 of this “How To” Video Tutorial, Dr. Lew takes us through the following steps:

  • Using a Torch (he uses propane, but now we recommend using an alcohol torch) to create contrast
  • Sealing the Surface for Carving Preparation
  • Preparing and Applying your stencil pattern
  • Introducing which burs he will use
  • Outlining the design using a #699 Carbide Bur
  • Tips for Engraving and Carving Straight Lines

Play the Video below:

If the video above does not play well – or stops to “buffer” – please press the “PAUSE” button to give the video additional time to download (buffer) from the web server. Just a minute or so should solve the problem.

The video above is Part 2 of 4 of the wood carving video tutorial.

Parts 3-4 (showing the rest of this wood carving project) will be available to view very soon.

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Wooden Plates for Wood Carving / EngravingAlder Wooden Plates for Carving – Available Here.

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In Part 1 of the Wooden Plate Engraving Video, Dr. Lew walked us through the following:

  • The Importance of Networking with People
  • The Importance of Never Being Without a Business Card
  • Preparing Artwork for Wood Carving
  • Preparing a Wooden Plate for Sealing and Carving
  • Paying Attention to the Grain Direction in the wood
  • Types of Wood for Carving and Engraving
  • Carving Finished vs. Unfinished Wood Projects
  • Using an Oil Sealer

In Case you missed Part 1 – You Can Watch It Here.

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