48 minutes – Start to Finish – Can you believe it?

“I Should Have Paid More Attention in Anatomy Class.”

Jeff Wolf - Whitetail Deer Relief Sculpting in ClayIf you joined us for Jeff Wolf’s Relief Sculpting Webinar last night, you are probably thinking the same thing.

Did you see how the “pieces” just fell into place to form a perfect whitetail deer? (Yes, the picture to the left is the one!)


If you are one of the lucky ones (maybe the ONE) that actually paid attention in anatomy class, you are certainly way ahead of most of us.

It is nothing short of amazing (to most of us) how Jeff can mold and sculpt a perfect deer scene from clay – IN MINUTES!

48 minutes – Start to Finish – Can you believe it?

Jeff doesn’t think it is any big deal. “When you know the anatomy, it is all the same – you just put the puzzle pieces together.”

Watch the recorded webinar here.

By sculpting in clay first, Jeff can get the scene just right, working out all the minor details – changing this and changing that – until the scene is perfect. Once the scene is perfected, now Jeff has a perfect model to follow when he begins to carve (unless he decides to cast the sculpture in bronze or another medium.)

Relief Sculpting in Process by Jeff Wolf

Jeff mentions Craig Hone several times during the webinar. How Craig spends months perfecting a project in clay before he ever picks up a carving tool. “Once you’ve worked out the details and have the design perfected, the carving goes much quicker.”

You can see how much wood to remove by looking at the clay model. You can see where you need to carve deeper. You can see how this overlaps that – and so on.

I’m Guilty….

I took a gun stock carving class from Keith a few years ago. In the class, we carved an Elk standing on a ridge, overlooking a valley. It is one of Craig’s Gun Stock Designs.

My gun stock carving – to this very day – remains unfinished. I have textured, carved, re-worked, carved again, stippled – over and over until there is practically no wood left. I’m not talking about the elk, or the ridge, or the trees.

I have literally spent hours upon hours trying to get the little bushes under the elk just the way I want them. These bushes have taken me longer to “butcher” than the rest of the entire elk scene. I have worked them over and over, trying to get them just right.

If Keith reads this, he’s going to laugh. He asks me every once in a while if I ever did finish it. I haven’t dared tell him that I don’t think there’s enough wood left to have any bushes.

Because of this personal experience, I can truly see the value in sculpting a project in clay before picking up a carving tool. If I had done this, my gun stock would be finished right now. I have no doubt that it would look much better in every aspect.

I may never finish it because I just hate the bushes under the elk.

Jeff Wolf is teaching a sculpting class on this very design starting September 29 through  August 1, 2010. Those that decided to take his class will benefit greatly from the experience. No Question. Call us at 1 800 624-7415 to get on the list or for more details.

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