Clay Modeling – Basketweave Gun Stock Carving – Webinars

Jeff Wolf Clay Modeling – Joe Cummings Basketweave Gun Stock Carving – Free Webinars

Profitable Hobbies and The I&E Network are very excited to announce our next two free instructional webinars.

World Renowned Sculptor, Jeff Wolf will be presenting Sculpting from the Inside Out on March 17.

This is a special presentation all about clay modeling a horse skull (I think the proper term is Equine – but to us normal people – it’s still a horse head). Don’t tell Jeff I said that. Jeff will be showing us how he sculpts a horse skull from the “inside out”.

Master Gun Stock Carver, Joe Cummings presents Mastering the Basketweave Pattern on March 24.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to learn from these amazing artists!

March 17 – 7:00 p.m. MDT

Jeff Wolf - World Renowned Sculptor - Learn more at www.jeff-wolf.comJeff Wolf – Sculpting from the Inside Out – Horse Skull Clay Modeling

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Learn more about Jeff’s Sculpting Classes Here.

See more of Jeff’s Amazing Sculptures Here.

March 24 – 7:00 p.m. MDT

Joe Cummings - Gun Stock Carver and InstructorHe’s back – BY POPULAR DEMAND!

Joe Cummings – Mastering the Basketweave Pattern – Gun Stock Engraving

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We had so many positive comments about Joe’s last webinar – Mastering the Fishscale Pattern – that he decided to do another free webinar for wood carvers focusing solely on The Basketweave Pattern.

You get to see it all, how he removes the factory checkering on a gun stock, how he lays out the pattern, each step of the carving process, and even how he finishes the gun stock.

See more of Joe’s Amazing Gun Carvings Here.

We are so lucky to have these great artists that are willing to share their knowledge and talents with the rest of the network.

It is truly rare to have such great artists willing to share their secrets – especially for FREE!

You’d be crazy not to register for these webinars now.

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