Design Layout Techniques on Odd Shaped Items

Ostrich Egg Carving by Tamera SeeversHave you ever had a hard time laying out a design on an odd shaped items such as an eggshell or a gourd?

It can be difficult to decide exactly how to lay the patterns out so they overlap correctly, and you need to be careful not to remove too much material that the item becomes too fragile.

One of the questions Tamera Seever is asked most often is, “How do you lay out the designs for your Eggshells?”

This question is going to be answered in demonstration this Wednesday and Thursday Nights at a Special Webinar.

The techniques that Tamera will teach can be applied to many different mediums, not just eggs.

To see a glimpse of what you will learn, visit Tamera Seevers Studio and see her Amazing Eggshell Designs.

There’s more……

We have a very special product that we will be announcing during the webinar. (and practically giving it away!)

We even have another surprise for those that attend (cough, cough, free patterns, cough, cough).

Hope to see everyone there Wednesday or Thursday Nights – Both nights will be the same presentation, except for the live interaction with the attendees.) You may attend one or both sessions – it’s free.

Webinar Details are as follows:

First Webinar – Wednesday, February 16 – 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time. – Register Here

Second Webinar – Thursday, February 17 – 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time. – Register Here

You must register separately for each webinar you will be attending.

For more details, visit our Upcoming Webinars Page.


Russ Larsen - Owner of Taking Aim MarketingSneak Peak at Next Week:

Russ Larsen shows how to add products for sale on your website.

  • How to set up a paypal account
  • How to Create Paypal Buttons
  • Placing Buttons on Your Website
  • Accepting all major credit cards.

Bonus – After the items are for sale, you will learn how to get people to find them and buy!

Wednesday, February 23, 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time – Register Here.

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