Gun Stock Engraving – Fishscale Pattern

Gun Stock Engraving – Mastering the Fishscale Pattern

Free Fishscale Engraving Webinar will be presented on February 17, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Master Gun Stock CarverMaster Gun Stock Carver and Engraver Joe Cummings will be showing us all the engraving techniques he uses to replace the original checkering on a gun stock with fishscales.

Joe carves the fishscale gunstock pattern much smaller than most, and he will send it to you absolutely free!

If you haven’t seen Joe’s Amazing Gunstock Carvings….

You have to see them to see how they make a gun stock truly unique.

Joe Cummings turns ordinary gunstocks into works of art with High Speed Engraving Techniques.

This free webinar is a great opportunity to learn from a true master of gunstock art engraving.

Register now.

(By the way, is anyone paying attention how I structured this post? I’ll bet those that attended last week’s Free Blogging Webinar are!)

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