Joanie Beck’s New Web Site

Joanie Beck’s New Web Site – Keeping up with the Times

Joanie Beck - Engraving - Carving ArtistJoanie Beck will soon be adding to, editing, and making any changes that she wants to her new web site.

She will also be able to create photo galleries, add blog posts, add web pages, create contact forms and much more.

Joanie’s new web site will be allow her web site visitors to interact with her, directly through the site. Visitors will also be able to subscribe to her site, to be automatically notified (through e-mail) each time she adds a new item.

Her site will also be  search engine friendly. This will allow her to get exposure through every search engine.

All Joanie needs to do, is follow the steps and provide content to her site visitors.

Last week, Russ walked us through the beginning steps of getting our web site all set up. This was Step 1 of Starting Your Own Website (one that works!).

If you missed the presentation, you can view it by Clicking on the Image below or  HERE.

Start Your Own Web Site Webinar

This week, Russ will have Joanie’s New Web Site all set up and show us how easy it is now for Joanie to “take over” her own site and add or change anything she wants!

Part 2 – Starting Your Own Web Site Webinar is this Wednesday Night at 7:00 p.m. MDT.

Register Now for the Webinar

Special Sneak Preview Video:

Russ Larsen - Taking Aim MarketingIf you want to see a sneak preview of how Joanie will change her own web site, there is a link at the bottom of this post to a video that Russ created to show us how easy it really is.

Deb Lindsay also has her web site with Taking Aim Marketing and has the ability to add, delete, change and control her entire site.

However, Deb was unsure of how to edit the home page of her site. (She’s still a little nervous that she might “mess it up” – but that will change with time.)

So Deb asked Russ to show her how to make the changes to her home page.

Russ made the changes and recorded the entire process. Deb and others now has a step by step video to refer to each time she has a question.

With Deb’s support plan through Taking Aim Marketing, she can ask Russ as many questions as she needs to – AND GET THE HELP SHE NEEDS – as her web site expands with her business needs. Deb will also be able to view the videos created for others as they ask questions, helping her even more. This is what makes the whole process work. We help each other and learn from each other.

The Sneak Preview Video is available now at Taking Aim Marketing – How To Edit a Web Page.

Go to the page now by clicking here.

How to Edit Your Own Web Page

Don’t forget – when you get there, make sure you subscribe to Russ’ blog to be automatically notified when a new item is posted.

Part 2 – Starting Your Own Web Site Webinar is this Wednesday Night at 7:00 p.m. MDT.

Register Now for the Webinar

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