Relief Carving Made Easy

Attention All Relief Wood Carvers

Jeff Wolf - Master SculptorYou are in for a real treat on August 4th.

Jeff Wolf has volunteered to present Relief Sculpting in Clay to our network.

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This is a free webinar for all that want to attend.

Here is the Deer Scene that Jeff will be teaching us:

Jeff will be showing us the steps he takes to create a relief sculpture using clay. Using clay sculptures is a great way to perfect your designs and scenes before you start carving. By removing all the “guess work” and working out all the details in clay, the actual carving of the project goes much smoother (and quicker).

No surprises this way. You can play with the clay design and change it as many times as it takes to get that perfect design.

No starting over – No ruined Gun Stocks – No screaming wife (when you totally mess up her kitchen cabinet door) – You get the point.

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Jeff Wolf is a world renowned sculptor – DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN FROM ONE OF THE BEST!

Here are more of Jeff’s Sculptures:

To see more of Jeff’s Sculptures visit Jeff Wolf’s Website Here.

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2 Responses to Relief Carving Made Easy

  1. Beverley July 23, 2010 at 7:40 am #

    Visited Jeff Wolf Website, I find it spiritualy moving.will look foreward to his Webinar.Thankyou

  2. RK July 26, 2010 at 6:14 am #

    Just finished a tour of Jeff woltf’s website, if you haven’t been there, please go and visit it. Put together in a great way. He shares with you a terrific story.