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Start Your Own Web Site Webinar

Wednesday night’s webinar was all about getting your own web site started. A Web site that you own, control the content, and one that you can add anything you want to – without paying a web master to do it for you.

Russ Larsen - Taking Aim MarketingRuss Larsen takes you step by step through the process that Profitable Hobbies and The I&E Network have been through over the past 8 years in searching for a way to build a web site that actually gets attention, brings visitors, and lets our site visitors interact and get involved with our company – right through our web site.

Traditional web sites have many problems (as we have found out that hard way throughout the years). Russ will take your through some of those problems and pitfalls to watch out for.

Learn from our experience and see how our proven program can work for you.

The webinar was recorded in WMV Format. You can download the file to view by clicking the image below.

Start Your Own Web Site Webinar

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This webinar was part 1 in our Start Your Own Web Site series.

Next week will be Part 2 – where Russ will take us – Step by Step – through Joanie Beck’s New Web Site and show us how Joanie can add to her own web site.

You can Register for next week’s webinar by clicking the Register Now Button Below.

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To see more or inquire about getting your own web site started – visit Taking Aim Marketing today.

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